What is Richucation?

Richucation is a for profit business dedicated to bridging a gap in the education system related to wealth building and money.  Money is one of the most important factors in the lives of any of us along with health, emotional mastery, how to think, relationships/communication and yet it is almost completely ignored in the conventional school system in favor of things like geography or history both of which are mostly useless and can now be looked up in seconds through a simple online search.  Even when we move to college and university to business schools and finance degrees the education is not about how to build personal wealth and this fact is reflected in the dismal results produced.  Even entrepreneurship programs, which are growing in popularity bear little resemblance to real world business and wealth building strategies leaving the aspiring entrepreneur with few places to turn.

There is another alternative, there are books and CDs and live seminars taught all around the world on how to succeed in various aspects of business or wealth building.

Two essential problems.

1. The efficacy rate is extremely low because most of them don’t build skills they offer the equivalent to a manual on riding a bike rather than getting you on the bike and ensuring you can do it.  I’ve read statistics as low as only 4% of people who attend these programs actually succeeding and based on experience with those who run many such programs little to not effort is taken to measure the effectiveness of the training with all the focus being placed on marketing and selling content.  These are shameful numbers and represent a clear gap in the process.

2. They lack credibility for the most part they are thrown together without rigorous investigation without a common curriculum to refer to based on a working model of how to get the result.  They often include some very good information but also often fail on essential foundational points that make that turn the entire process into a wealth building machine

We fill the space between these two forces, providing a hub of credible, vetted information based only on what is essential to getting the result to maximize the rate of learning and to greatly increase entrepreneurial success.

We hope you’ll join us in spreading success in business and wealth building through the cultivation of skills and understanding to people all over the world.