About Richucation

How do you create financial success predictably in a relatively short period of time so you’re able to really enjoy the fruits and experience the life you dreamed of?

You might have asked yourself something similar.

This seemingly simple question started the Richucation journey in 2006 and has led to what people all over the world say is the most thorough explanation and understanding of entrepreneurial success and wealth building on the planet.

About Richucation

Turns out the question is easy and the answer is really hard because a lot of what seemingly works only works for a little while, people get lucky, trends change, successful people say lots of false nonsense or don’t actually know what made them successful and can’t repeat it.

The Richucation story isn’t a story about getting lucky, quite the opposite it’s a story of screwing up probably more than the average entrepreneur. But it’s also not a story of working your ass off to succeed.

It’s the story of a passion for understanding how entrepreneurship, wealth, and success work then working smart to apply those lessons and eventually share them with thousands of people all over the world. Hopefully, you among them.

We are more like geeks of entrepreneurship with a passion for understanding and sharing this stuff in a thorough easy to understand way than passionate business tycoons.

This isn’t industry specific information, though we use specific examples from many businesses and industries.

The founder of Richucation, Michael Rosmer, has owned and operated 14 businesses of his own in different countries, different industries, selling B2B, B2C, brick and mortar, online, products, services, regulated and unregulated, started from scratch and purchased existing businesses.

There are many things different about each of those companies, which is why we have our training on Value Mastery to help you master your individual business and what’s different about it. But behind all wealth building success there are common skill sets and mechanics, which we call The Formula. These are the money-making part behind business success. You’ve got the mechanics of how your business works and those will vary with each business. Then there are the principles that make your business make money and grow and these are common to all businesses and wealth building.

These are what Richucation focuses on. And people say we’re really amazing at teaching this stuff, which is important because someone can be great at doing it but if they suck at teaching it you’ll struggle to learn.

What Makes Richucation Different?

We focus on the universally applicable essentials that make becoming rich work. In other words there are certain things that if you don’t do them you’ll never become financially success, they are essential to making a profit and building wealth, building the entrepreneurial dream life. They are also universal meaning they work every time when you do them well, they are timeless, you don’t have to worry about studying them today then having some software or algorithm change and suddenly what you learned isn’t valuable anymore.

In our experience with thousands of entrepreneurs in all different industries all over the world the mistakes people make generally aren’t based on picking the right software or jumping on the latest fade. They might get lucky on those but the luck swings the other way too because what they are focusing on aren’t those core universal principles scientifically guaranteed to make you successful.

So Richucation instead of trying to tweak the latest software or platform and share it with you spend our time identifying what is truly essential and what you can strip away, what will always work and what might work sometimes in some places but not others to take the luck and guess work out of success.

The result is the most predictable financial, wealth building, entrepreneurial and business building success training available on the planet.

But don’t take our word for it, quite the opposite, question and challenge everything we say. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry if someone is a scammer sharing some BS social media story. The logic, the data, and the results you experience by testing our material should speak for itself and so will the recommendations of people who are familiar with our work.

One More Thing – Making It Faster & Easier

The above is great, in fact by definition it’s essential if you want to succeed. Our goals were always to go a step further though. Not simply predictable success but RAPID success because the purpose of entrepreneurship is to enjoy the fruits. Wealth isn’t meant to be the pursuit of life it’s meant to be an enabler of an incredible life.

So as we study and research and test and dissect how to create entrepreneurial, business, financial, and wealth success for you we are paying attention to three things:

  1. How to make it simpler for you so anyone can understand and follow

  2. How to cut down on the number of things you need to learn to make it easier – usually by applying a step by step process

  3. What factors make the biggest difference the fastest so you can focus just on them first and get the results you’re looking for A LOT sooner

So dive into our articles, download our free action sheets, watch our videos, join our mailing lists, learn from our trainings and experience the results of working with us.

We have a very simple guarantee for you. If you apply what we are teaching you it will more than pay for the cost of the training. Meaning unlike colleges or universities where they end up with huge debts you end up paying off for years you will make money from everything we teach that you apply. How much? Will you become rich? That depends on you.

The mechanics are here. It will take hard work. Are you willing to work hard and apply yourself to elevating your financial destiny?

What’s next?

Start by understanding three basic sequences universal to wealth building as they apply to your situation:

  1. The Formula Sequence – these are the 6 universal skills essential to wealth building success (aka how to become rich predictably vs by luck)

  2. The Wealth Map – how to know what to do next based on where you’re at in your personal wealth building journey. Should you be investing? Should you be protecting your assets? Should you be doubling your income? Etc. These things all matter but you’ll speed up the process by doing them in the right order.

  3. The Business Growth Sequence – business is the most powerful vehicle for generating wealth and becoming rich. It gives you the opportunity to make more money faster, get a better return on your investment, decrease your taxes, protect your assets and much more. Most people don’t know businesses grow through 5 natural stages and if you’re focusing on the wrong stage at the wrong time you’ll be wasting a lot of effort and probably not getting the results you’re looking for.

Those should give you a good start of where you should be focusing your effort to get the best results the fastest and you can dive in accordingly. If you get stuck, send us an email or message on Facebook and we’ll help you get realigned on the best next step for you.

More than anything commit yourself to learning, start applying and join the thousands of people around the world in seeing how well these lessons work for you.