The education system is failing the world where personal wealth and finances are concerned. Business education, colleges and universities are nearly worthless at driving real results, instilling the actual skills necessary to succeed in starting or running a small business. Personal development and the information marketing industry have failed to drive meaningful efficacy rates in spite of great content because the delivery process hasn’t built skills

Empowerment – People have the power to change their lives

Mastery – Skills change lives and eventually the world, education catalyzes change from telling us how to manage our state and to shift our environment to allowing us to do what we couldn’t before

Community – Environment is the single most powerful influencer of behavioral change

Essentials – Focus on the universal essentials

Modeling – Determine the universal essentials by studying the extremes, the people who do it aren’t always the best people to teach it but there’s a difference between modeling someone or learning from them and being taught by them, a common point of confusion

Diligence – ensure decisions are made based on strong data rather than anecdotes and assumptions ideally understanding how it works not merely what works

Pragmatism – Use education and environment to simultaneously minimize risk and maximize rewards don’t blindly pursue a dream, ideals are good but need to be rooted to the ground

Entrepreneurship – entrepreneurship is not only the inevitable goal of personal leadership and improvement but also the single most important skill in transforming our world. What does entrepreneurship mean? It means building something newer and better that’s profitable and profitable means sustainable and scalable so it can assist large numbers of people and isn’t reliant on external support to do so. This ultimately creates wealth, which is recycled into the system in the form of philanthropy, which fills the voids where markets and governments fail, by helping those who lack the voice or resources to justify the attention otherwise.