Our vision is for a world where whatever level of wealth or financial success a person wants to achieve it is easily accessible through a predictable forum that works consistently for those who work it. Our vision is for this to be accessible to everyone everywhere.

Core Values

Summarizing core values isn’t easy especially if it’s going to be something real that you live and breathe and not simply something you play lip service to on the wall. Here’s what we believe, live and breathe in every fiber of our being. If these resonate with you contact us there might be ways we can work together.


Truth might mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To us it means accepting what is, searching for understanding of what is and how it works, making decisions based on data and logic rather than gut instinct or simply feelings. We believe this is important because anything not built on a foundation of what actually is ultimately is not sustainable and will come crashing down. We believe truth brings people together. We believe understanding ourselves and our world is the surest path to making it better.

This is at our core and the core of our work here at Richucation, identifying how wealth, finance, business, investing, etc. work and sharing this understanding with the world in a way that helps create positive lasting change.

As individuals this means we are open to, even actively seeking out feedback and accept the information without getting upset or defensive, learning from it in to help understand how it all functions together and correcting to align what we’re doing with what we’re wanting to achieve. It also means presenting a true front to the world, which is seen in how we advertise ourselves and our company.


While there are millions of things to consider, to learn, to improve we believe in the value of getting down to the essentials to stripping away the unnecessary and uncovering that which does not vary. We believe this is the most powerful way to understand the world and to maximize our impact in any field with the least effort. We believe if you take care of the essentials most of the rest will take care of themselves while if you get the essentials wrong none of the rest will matter.

Our curriculum is designed purely around this concept. While there are many sources out there to teach all kinds of little details and specific skills in specific fields we offer a different path. We provide a foundation onto which all those topic specific areas must necessarily rest and this is the gap we fill in the world. We believe essentials not only help people achieve more but bring people together by focusing on commonalities and letting go of differences.

Individually this means letting go of those things that are nonessential and don’t make a significant difference. Letting go of differences in values or opinions when it comes to others while letting go of anything not aligned with our values when making choices personally. We achieve the greatest efficiency through this method and in turn have the greatest impact.


To us excellence is not a state but a journey and a way of being. We continually pursue excellence, which means embracing growth, constantly challenging ourselves, going deeper, learning. It involves a commitment to mastery, which means seeking a higher path, modeling and learning from others, creating ritual habits of practice to improve, measuring how we’re doing and sharing it with others.

This higher standard is the reason for Richucation having looked out into the world and not seeing what we want and believe in we have created it to share it. We seek better ourselves, we learn from others, meld it with our learning, test what we learn, synthesize it and make it available.

Individually this means exercising constant curiosity about the world and about others, routinely exposing ourselves to other education, setting goals, and applying habitual practice to improving.

Doing Good By Others & Ourselves

A lot of speakers, authors, etc. will do what is good for them for example hosting weekend training events but often at the expense of the audience. It is very common for people to act in a way that’s self serving at the expense of others for example voting for changes that put a burden on other tax payers but protect their job or attempting to get someone to make a decision that isn’t necessarily best for that person.

We are different. We want to find only mutual wins. We don’t want you to do something that hurts you for our benefit and don’t want to ask that of you. Our guidance, suggestions, and processes are always to do good by, to benefit, to offer the most value to those we’re working with.

At the same time we don’t believe in self sacrifice in the process. We believe if everyone begins by saving themselves then the world will not need so much saving. For this reason as a company we are profitable and engage in profit generating activities believing in fair exchange where we are rewarded for providing value but always provide more value than we take.

Our highest priority in every area of what we do from our marketing to our programs to our team to ourselves is to contribute in a way that’s mutually beneficial. Sometimes, in cases where it drains us and leaves us with less to give elsewhere this means walking away from relationships where the other party wants only to take and not to contribute in return.

Richucation was born long ago out of a desire to travel, to see the world, to experience the best life has to offer, to explore, to adventure, to try new things. We believe ultimately everything we do for ourselves and others is to further this aim of living more and living better. We also believe embracing life means being more than a spectator, more than a participant, also contributing and sharing.

We enable this for others by providing them with the most efficient tools, strategies, and community to enable this change. We embrace it through our community sharing and community events and choice of locations.

As individuals it means each year we pursue something new and something deeper, we foster ourselves creatively, we explore, we adventure, we share, and we pursue purpose we find meaningful.