Would you like to earn $5288 off every $1000 invested into advertising?

Facebook advertising isn't great for every business...

If you're selling Boeing aircraft for example, or multi-million dollar ERP systems you need a more direct interpersonal sales system...

But for a HUGE % of the world's businesses Facebook advertising is AMAZING...​

The #1 question to ask for any advertising platform is "where are your customers?"

With over 1.86 billion active monthly users there's a good chance anywhere in the developed world your audience is on there...

It's not enough that they are on there though, the question is how do they buy?

Do you sell consumer products?  Good chance there's an ads strategy that will work for you.

Do you sell B2B products under $10k?  There's a good chance a Facebook strategy can work for you too.

It's not all about where are your customers though you want to generate ROI right?

So you need to reach those customers as inexpensively as possible and here there isn't much that beats Facebook...

The information above is slightly out of date but check out those numbers!

Facebook costs​ 4.5% as much as Primetime TV to reach the same number of people!

​It's less than 6% as expensive as LinkedIn!

Now ask yourself if you could reach your customers for 5% - 10% the cost of traditional advertising do you think you could produce a higher ROI?

Put another way if you could reach 10-20 times more customers for the same price do you think you could produce a better ROI?​

You better believe it!​

Even if only a quarter as many buy you're still WAY ahead on your advertising costs...

It turns out though Facebook isn't just an inexpensive way to reach people...​

Check out those metrics!

Social media ads were the third most effective at getting people's attention!

It's literally so significant that it was credited in large part with winning the Presidential election for both Obama & Trump...

In fact Trump spent roughly half as much as Hillary and yet got some substantially better results:​

So what if you could spend half as much as your competitors and sell twice as much?

What would that do for your business, your cashflow, and your profit margins?

What would the extra profit add to your life?

There's some good news and some bad news...

The good news is you could absolutely achieve those results within weeks...

Facebook's advertising platform allows you to start spending with as little as $2/day to test the waters and potentially reach thousands of targeted prospects for that price...

The bad news is getting an amazing ROI like the Trump campaign or like the 528% mentioned at the start of this article isn't so easy or everyone would be doing it right?

So what's the solution?

Well when we started learning Facebook advertising at Richucation we'd heard great things...

We hired some experts and enrolled in a couple courses to figure it out...

In fact we spent over $2000 on one course alone!​

And the results SUCKED!

We were a long ways away from that 500% ROI some people were supposedly getting.

We expected to get...were told we could get clicks for $0.25 each...at that price we'd be massively profitable pretty much right away...

So how did we do?​

Above you can see a screenshot of those results...$2.05/click in some cases as high as $19.49!

Imagine if your advertising costs were 10 times as expensive as you thought they would be?

What would it do to your profits?

Yeah same for us, wiped them out and then some...

So we started running tests and learning, doing research and those results started to improve...​

It turns out there are a whole bunch of things to learn we were never taught...

We spent thousands of dollars testing and gradually figured it out...​

We went from over $1 per page Like to $0.054/Page Like, which we've since gotten down as low as $0.0176/Page Like...

Clicks you already saw the previous results $2.05/click sometimes much higher...

Down to $0.21/click we've since improved even further!

Turns out there is a formula or rather a process you can follow step by step to getting great results!

So, when a friend wanted to start advertising on Facebook he called us asking if we could give him some advice, which we were happy to share...

After an hour on the phone he said, "This is phenomenal information and I imagine you could go on for another couple hours, have you ever considered hosting a webinar?"

"No, we haven't, if you'd like to organize one we're happy to present the information for you..."

He was ecstatic and organized the presentation for a few of his friends and business partners...

Great news for you is we recorded the entire thing and you can watch it for yourself at your own pace...

Facebook Ad Webinar Series & Manual

If you've got a business that could benefit from more customers and Facebook advertising might be great for you or you're already using Facebook advertising and would like to improve your results...

Let us save you the learning curve and share everything we learned spending literally thousands of dollars on testing plus thousands more on experts and training...​

Here's what you'll get:​

33 Page Downloadable PDF Manual

This takes you from the absolute beginner basics including some pieces most businesses overlook and it gets them into trouble later right through to intermediate profitable Facebook advertising...

3 Hour Long Click-by-Click Webinars

Watch on screen share, follow along step by step, click by click as we show you not only how to use the interface but how to build campaigns that are profitable!

Learn the process of layering campaigns to continually increase ROI and driving your costs as low as possible.

Here's what you'll walk away knowing all about:

Webinar 1 - Overview, Placement & Audiences

  • Reduce marketing risk
  • Facebook objectives
  • Types of campaigns
  • Sequence of testing
  • Likes campaigns
  • Ads Manager tips
  • Audience creation
  • Ad creation
  • Testing audiences

Webinar 2 - Getting Ads Right

  • 3 Levers for reducing ad costs
  • Offer, Angle & Communication
  • Boost campaign
  • Improve boost ROI
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Dark ads
  • Click campaigns

Webinar 3 - Optimizing & Scaling Campaigns & Funnels

  • Understanding what your numbers need to be
  • Campaign & Funnel optimization
  • Maximize campaign ROI
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Extra optimization strategies
  • Scaling campaigns

So what's the investment?

We're not going to charge you the $2017.77 we paid for training​...

We're not even going to charge you the $1372.12 we spent learning on a single campaign.​..

Instead you'll get EVERYTHING we learned from that $2017.77 training, plus the $750 we paid a consultant, plus the $1000s we spent on testing...

All for an insanely low $49​

You won't find anything comparable for even a remotely similar rate...

If you save just 1 hour by going through this training you've paid for it...

Not to mention the $1000s you're likely to save getting fast low cost results!​

What Clients Have to Say...

Mathew ParkOnline Coach

Best Facebook training I've ever seen!  Immediately the next day after the first webinar I implemented your first suggestion and got 2 new sales calls for less than $5!

Allan MarstonSerial Entrepreneur

Phenomenal value, every time I watch I learn so much I can take and apply immediately!


Buy today, take 60 days, go through the entire content.

Apply it in your business.

If you're not 100% satisfied it was phenomenal value that saved you a ton of time and money learning simply email us support@richucation.com and we'll refund every penny.

No questions asked!