Overview of Growing Impact

In this module we focus on the concept of growing impact.  Up till this point we’ve been laying the foundation of success but this is where we start to realize worthwhile fruits of our efforts.

Where to Focus?

After years of research and study we were able to identify the core barriers to growth and the smartcuts to get around them.  Learn the fundamental keys to unlocking hypergrowth in your company.

Stage One Business

This stage of business isn’t even really a business but if you get this stage wrong then the business is doomed to failure.

Stage Two Business

Many people start their business here and they do so without knowing what the objectives are to get moving as quickly as possible to stage three.  As a result they never maximize their profits the way they should.

Stage Three Business

This is the phase where business really starts to get exciting because you start to really make money, that is to say profit.  It’s like the point where you’ve built the car and now you get to take it for a test drive.  This is where most businesses get stuck and never breakthrough to the next level in fact they never master this stage.

Stage Four Business

This is the stage where most businesses become truly profitable.  It’s where all the hard work really pays off big time and if done well becomes quite long lasting.  Unfortunately, most businesses skip through key elements of this stage to stage five and as a result in the long run breakdown.

Stage Five Business

The final phase of business and one few companies ever reach but changes the role and challenges of the founder fundamentally.