Getting Started

In this module we cover all the foundational logic and philosophy behind the Richucation curriculum.  The order to apply it in and why.  It’s important to understand that Richucation isn’t like other programs.  It’s focused on the universal fundamental knowledge that won’t change and always applies so it is learning that doesn’t expire that you can apply for decades to give you the best ROI.  Discover more in the videos.

Getting Started: Understanding the What, How & Why

Learn about how Richucation’s model was built the way it is and why.  Understand how what might not make sense at first is going to give you the fastest longest lasting learning available.

The Sequence

The order we do things and the order we learn matters A LOT.  There’s logic to this so here we’re laying it out for you to understand where you’re at and what you should do next based on where you’re at.

Core Concepts

Some really basic understandings will go a long way towards helping you to succeed faster and get threaded into everything you do building wealth and businesses.  Here they are.