A Profitable Sales & Marketing Machine 
Built For You For Your Business By Richucation

What if you had a machine where you could put $1000 in and get $2000+ out?

What if you could do this repeatedly week after week, month after month?

What if you could take the $2000 and turn it into $4000 then $4000 and turn it into $8000 and so on?

What would you do with the money?  Reinvest more?  Go on a dream vacation?  Travel the world?  Pay for an incredible life for your family?  Invest in solving major life changing problems?  What would it be for you?

Dear Big Business Owner in Training,

All businesses grow through 5 natural stages from ideation at the beginning to reallocating capital into new investments at the end.

For most businesses the most challenging stage is stage 3, which involves building what we call a Profitable Sales & Marketing machine.

What does this mean?

It’s when a business develops a combination of systems, assets, and team working together to be able to consistently attract new prospects, convert them into buyers and grow them into repeat buyers and advocates in a way that’s profitable.

In other words, in a way that not only doesn’t cost you anything since it pays for itself but actually puts more money in your pocket each time you do it.

For most people this is a dream, for most businesses this doesn’t seem possible and this is why most small businesses stay small.

Because to grow requires first being able to consistently get new customers (you might say the size of a business is directly in proportion to the number of customers) and more importantly to do so profitably because anything not profitable ultimately collapses under its own weight even if it can be sustained for a time by outside funding or savings.

Do you want to grow?

Is your business achieving your goals for you?

If it isn’t what do you plan to do about it?  Do you know what to do about it to take it to the next level?

If you don’t, relax, you’re not alone.

Most small businesses get their customers something like this:

  • Know a few people who know you and what you can
  • Network to expand your reach a little bit but without any sort of predictability
  • Get the odd referral you never know when will show up

I hear all the time people say something like “my business is built on referrals” as though this is a badge of honor.  What it actually means is “I don’t know how to predictably grow my customer base so I have to wait for others to do it for me.”

This is ok, in fact it’s great if you’re getting referrals for your business it means you’re doing something right taking care of your customers and providing them value.

But referrals should be the gravy on top not your main means of customer acquisition.

What about networking?

Do you want to be stuck doing the sales for your business forever?

Did you get into business to have to grind each day more or less like a job?

Here’s the cold hard truth.  For any business to grow beyond a certain stage the owner has to become freed up to focus on the growth of the business not consumed by the endless cycle of chasing customers and new business.

This requires a machine hence the third stage of business growth.

You might say “my friends don’t have that” to which I ask you “do they have big businesses?”

Every big business has a machine or system to grow the company without the owner having to do it and if they want to last they are able to do so profitably.

Some figure it out randomly by chance and luck jumping on the right trend and cementing their position as the trend levels out but never understood what happened or how to do it consistently.

This is the exception though.

Most who actually achieve it and they are by far the minority (typically less than 4% of businesses) tend to work at it for years trying lots of different strategies, mostly not know what they are doing and gradually piece by piece figuring out a few things that work for them but not really a system to use for any business, which is why they often fail in other businesses.

By far there is no more important inflection point in the growth of a company than getting past stage 3. 

You might go so far as to say the company isn’t viable until they solve this issue and it reflects in their valuation.

A stage 4 company, which has built a profitable sales and marketing machine for itself is typically worth at least 5-10 times more almost overnight adding to the net worth of the owners.  Is more saleable if the owners ever want to leave, being able to sell out to larger more sophisticated buyers.  And can raise capital much easier if necessary to fund growth.

Businesses have had 2 choices:

  1. Stay small struggling to find the next customer unsure when they’ll show up hoping to slowly, painfully get bigger without any real control over how big or how fast they grow

  2. Working for painful years making a lot of mistakes wasting usually tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on failed experiments not to mention years of their lives in lost opportunity figuring it out

Until now…

For a select group of hand picked clients Richucation is willing to enter the business and build the entire process from the ground up inside the company.

All the heavy lifting done, no need to worry about the expertise, the training, hiring new staff, copywriting, building assets, testing ads or scripts, etc. all done for you.

The end deliverable?  You walk away with a system and team hired and trained to work the system that is giving you a steady supply of new customers profitably so each dollar you spend in marketing comes back to you within 6-8 weeks with profit and without you needing to do anything except monitor the numbers and people so you’re freed up to grow the company and enjoy the profits.

Timeline estimate: 6-12 months we work to implement as quickly as possible for our sake and yours but we’ll remain with you in the company until the objective is achieved consistently.  We’ve successfully implemented this in multiple businesses within just a few months, however results will vary based on the length of your sales cycle, how much you have in place to begin with and the processes we need to implement.

Who is this for?

Who this is not for?

Small businesses with:

Small business owners who:

  • An existing product or service customers really want and like – our success is contingent on being able to build a recurring customer base if client’s don’t love your product the process will require too much refitting on our part and too many challenges essentially building the business from the ground up to justify the effort
  • A desire to rapidly and significantly grow their customer base – if you’re looking for 20, 30, 50% growth you probably won’t receive the ROI off working with us on this particular service and are better off considering other options
  • A significant 6-figure budget to implement – this is not an inexpensive service to deploy you’re paying for quality results with Richucation not lowest cost provider or do it yourself
  • The ability to handle an increase in revenue of multiple 7 to 8 figures without the business becoming overwhelmed and unable to handle the volume – businesses can effectively break if you increase their volume too much due to constrained time, resources, etc. to make it worthwhile to engage in the process we’re going to need to grow your sales by multiple 7 to 8 figures at least so it’s important the business won’t become overwhelmed and stymie the process
  • Willingness to stay the course for 6-12 months to see the realization of results – although we endeavor to and are sometimes able to get results very quickly there will be a lot of learning and testing in the early stages and depending on the complexity of your business the whole process could easily take months to a year for us to be willing to commit to you through this process you need to be willing to commit to us (the fee doesn’t change no matter how long it takes so it’s in our best interest to work fast)
  • Want to remain small – if you want to remain small that’s fine but you won’t get a good ROI working with us on this implementation if you do so you’re better off looking elsewhere
  • Want to control and manage each step of the process – the biggest challenge we face working directly within a small business is the owner’s unwillingness to get out of the way.  If you want to control things yourself and manage every detail or have us request approvals from you on scripts, ad copy, strategy, etc. you’re better off going it alone and attempting to do it yourself, we’re not the right fit for you.  To move fast we need to be unrestrained and this will require trust on your part
  • Aren’t prepared to put up a sizeable budget to build a system and grow fast – don’t worry we’re anal about keeping costs low and operations efficient but this process is not easy or everyone would be doing it so you’ve got to make the commitment in advance
  • Expect instant or extremely fast results – we’re about providing predictable sustainable results, we might have some very quick wins and if so fantastic, we’re usually able to boost a business’ profitability somewhat within the first few weeks, however overall building something lasting especially a machine that doesn’t require you to work it will take time and you need to have the patience to stick it out or we’re not the right fit.


$60k-$250k + expenses + 3% of gross revenue for 2 years generated from the Machine

What are we going to do for you and your small business?

Essentially, we’re going to take over your entire sales and marketing efforts including strategy, building systems, creating content, testing ads, scripts, etc. hiring a team, training the team, and managing them until the system is up and ready working.

Step 1:

We’re going to examine the strategy from the top down and ground up with respect to what you’re doing, what’s working, what’s not, and what we might have to change to make the system work and grow.

At this stage we might adjust your product stack, spend considerable time conducting client interviews, gathering testimonials, sample marketing non-customers to determine why they are or aren’t buying and generally give you and us a very clear picture of the marketplace, what we need to do to differentiate and deliver very profitably.  This might include some rebranding, repackaging, repricing, and adding additional revenue streams.

Step 2:

We’ll then take this information and formulate a series of front end lead generation campaigns aimed at various buyer groups testing to determine what messaging and offers sticks best so we know how to formulate the rest of the funnel strategy.

At this stage we’ll locate channels to reach the highest value customers for the best possible price, create broad front facing offers related to your product or service as well as all relevant content, run test communications through advertising or direct sales, implement a lead capture system that can be used for follow up to convert them into buyers, repeat buyers and referral sources.

Step 3:

We’ll utilize the buyers to map out the typical buyer journey identifying places of influence to position guide posts within the market to point towards your brand.

This will involve co-creating the marketing funnel with the buyers and actually walking through the buyer journey with them to determine how the market sees you and fresh buyers will see you in order to plug any holes, build trust, identify pain points and hot buttons, etc. for moving them from cold audience to eager buyer and escalate up to repeat buyer and referral source.

Step 4:

We’ll then craft and test each stage of the sales and marketing process including building out all of the content, collateral, and communication pieces required for the sales process.

This will include detailed work on the buying narrative, how your business presents a bold differentiated promise to the most honed in high value prospects, how to build believability and trust in the buying process and ultimately formulate an irresistible offer and closing process to move them to immediate action.

Step 5:

We’ll then expand this process to include remarketing and follow-up sequences to optimize conversions, increase the average dollar sale, drive repeat business and referrals.

To achieve all of this will implement the systems and technology as well as hire and train the team necessary within your business to run the whole thing once we’ve completed and departed.

Each stage will be tested and measured to make sure it works and you’re able to operate it without us prior to our leaving.

If necessary we’ll remain as long as required to fulfill on the milestones and objectives, tweaking and retesting to get the result.

This commitment to the end result is how come we’re so picking about which clients we’ll take on and have such high vetting standards on the front end to make sure your business is one we’ll actually be able to run with successfully.

The process is not quick or easy it is incredibly complex with many facets from strategy, to recruiting, to systemization, to optimization, analytics, testing, technology, design, and communication.  Our team will involve a diverse array of specific experts to work together on each stage to ensure it all comes together as a whole.

What’s Next?

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please apply below.  

You’ll be required to provide proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of implementation and go through a discovery session to ensure you’re a proper fit.  During the discovery session we take a non-refundable deposit against the assessment to ensure any applicants are serious about making the significant and long-term commitment towards their own profitable sales and marketing machine within the company and the benefits of having someone else do the entire process for them.