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Every billionaire is a master of their domain. Learn the 4 mastery accelerators.

Develop mastery of any skill in record time. Struggling with not knowing how to do something? Struggling because you want to achieve a goal or objective but are stuck or don’t know how? There’s a step by step process and key principles for you that will get you there every time!



The most powerful skill you’ll ever learn in life the key I wish I was taught as a kid. Here’s the basics of what you need to know.

  1. What do we mean by mastery. What is Mastery? Learn about the foundation of all predictable success.

  2. What is Knowledge vs skill. Knowledge vs Skills.This is what really changes a person’s life it’s a subtle but substantial distinction.

  3. The TriForce of Mastery. The Components of Learning. How do we learn new things?  What all factors do we need to consider in order to maximize the pace of learning?

  4. The Foundation of All Improvement. High Quality Data.This is a universal factor that ripples through all areas of mastery and in fact life, it is the cornerstone of improvement.


The fastest easiest way to develop mastery and where you should start.

  1. Modelling vs Teaching. There’s a common myth to dispel regarding what it means to model someone.  This single misunderstanding leads to closing off a lot of great doors and not opening others.
    • The Fastest Way to Success
    • Limitations on Modelling Part 1
    • Limitations on Modelling Part 2
  2. Modelling World Class.You will get the best results by modelling particular individuals and knowing what aspects of what they do to model, learn how.
    • Why Model World Class?

  3. Where to Find Mentors. Lots of people would love to have mentors and people to learn from but don’t know where to look.  Learn how to find mentors right now.
    • How Do You find a Mentor”

  4. How to Maximize Mentors. It’s not enough to have mentors, studies show how you engage with them is even more important than having them.  Learn the best strategies now.
    • How Do You Maximize Mentors?

  5. Filter the Bad from the Great. You’ll get a lot of inaccurate information that might lead you off track and cost you precious time.  Cutting through to the most effective resources will streamline your learning ten fold.
    • Separating Bad Mentors from Good Ones


There is a process by which you get good at anything and that process is always the same.  It is called deliberate practice and it is the key to mastery. In this module we discover the step by step process required every single time to develop a new skill.  Literally studies reveal an hour of this method can be more effective than a month or regular learning.

  1. Goal Setting. Goals are critical it turns out there are more effective ways to set goals, the way world class performers do it.
    • Overview of Deliberate Practice
    • Overview of Deliberate Practice Part 2
    • Goal Setting Distinctions

  2. Testing & Measuring.You only truly gain a skill by doing but doing along isn’t enough you need to know how you’re doing in order to improve.

  3. Deconstruct & Improve. This is where the brain actually builds skill.  You need the rest to get to and implement this stage but this is the heart of accelerated learning.
    • - Deconstruct and Improve Overview

  4. Mental Models. A hallmark separating the really great from the mediocre it also happens to make a huge difference in duplication and innovation.
    • - Accelerate Your Mastery - What Sets Amateurs and Masters Apart

  5. How Long? Learning is a process that takes time but it doesn’t have to take as long as you might think.
    • - The 10,000 Hour Rule & 20 Hour Rule


There’s more than a mere physical process to maximizing mastery there’s an internal side as well.  Explore the critical qualities in yourself to maximize how fast you learn and how masterful you become. In this module we explore the internal qualities relevant to how quickly and effectively you learn.  We examine the data on what you might do to change inside yourself how quickly you master a skill.

  1. Research on the Internal Factors.There’s some incredible research we explore on what internal factors make a difference, a massive and almost unexplained difference in rates of learning.
    • How to Internally Accelerate Learning

  2. State. Brain research indicates this powerful factor can radically affect your learning, here’s how to make the most of it.
    • Change Your State In The Moment
    • Set Yourself Up to Have a Great State

  3. Resourcefulness. There’s a particular way you can approach learning that helps you to maximize.
    • How to Think Resourcefully

  4. Passion.When you’re interested in something do you learn better?  You bet!
    • How to Cultivate Passion

  5. Commitment. Some problems require sticking with them.
    • How to Cultivate Commitment


Up till this point we’ve discussed mastery from a primarily individual perspective.  You might have heard the expression “it takes a village to raise a child” and certainly we can go much farther together than we can alone we’ll explore these deeper concepts in mastery. In this module we learn all about how to leverage social components in order to accelerate the process of mastery.

  1. Overview of Social Elements. Aside from modelling there are powerful social factors you can leverage to learn more rapidly.
    • Social Elements of Mastery Overview

  2. Immersion. While at first it seems like a controlled environment is best it turns out this isn’t true in the big picture we learn faster through immersion.
    • How to Learn in a Circle
    • The Hidden Value of Immersion

  3. From Modelling to Teaching. They say when you teach you learn twice.
    • Teaching

  4. Other Social Strategies.There are numerous other tools and perspectives you can gain through a social learning context!
    • The Power of Masterminds
    • The Power of Coaching

Advanced Principles and Concepts in Mastery

You’ve laid a solid foundation now move beyond to explore how to learn even faster and go beyond what you’ve been taught to offering something unique truly positioning you as a true master within your field. In this module we discover the most advanced and powerful principles and concepts in mastery.

  1. Intersection of Principles. The greatest power comes when we leverage the various principles together.

  2. Innovation. Learn how to think innovatively and go beyond modelling to new cutting edge levels of mastery.
    • How to Think Innovatively
    • First Principles

  3. Organizational Factors. Learn how to build an organization focused on mastery and innovation.

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