Turn An Ice-Cold Audience Into Blazing Hot Leads

Audience bored and then engaged

Have you ever run an ad and gotten no response?

The first time I ever ran an ad I was in high school, it was in the classifieds section of the regional newspaper for my computer business. I was so excited, I put pricing sheets next to each phone in my parents’ house so when someone called I’d be ready to quote them and make the sale.

I got a grand total of one call, zero sales. It was disappointing and I lost money.

For many people advertising is an expense when it should be an investment. The difference is often the message/offer and the funnel process you’ve got to warm them up and turn them into a buyer (our Campaign ROI program deals specifically with how to avoid this and actually make money from your advertising).

Now, years later I’ve learned a lot more, we’ve run hundreds of campaigns for my own companies and helped clients with their campaigns for their companies and I understand the process much better.

If you learn to master this process, which very few small business owners do, a big part of the reason so many small businesses fail and the ones who do survive very rarely thrive, you’ll have a skill for life to change your life and the lives of anyone you work with.  (Mastering this skill is the purpose of our Marketing ROI program).


We’re talking about generating leads here not making sales.

Of course, ultimately your goal is to make sales and you’re not going to turn down anyone who wants to buy, but you need to think of this as a relationship building process.

Would you ask a stranger to marry you? More importantly would they be likely to say yes? Of course not, so we’re going to make them want to get to know you, to become familiar with you, to trust you and then not only buy from you but buy again and refer others.

So, if you’re not going for the sale what are you going for? You’re going for a lead.

Going for leads has two objectives:

  1. Allow you to remarket more cheaply because you can target more precisely and communicate for less money
  2. Keep track of who is warm and interested so you can continue to warm them more and take them deeper through the process

A lead might be:

  • Someone whose come into your store
  • Someone whose called your business
  • Someone whose given you their email address or other contact info
  • Someone who attended your seminar
  • Etc.

The point is you’re going to get them to take some smaller action so they are more likely to do so, which is going to build trust in you and allows you to communicate to them more directly at lower cost going forward.


If you can’t get someone’s attention it doesn’t matter what you have to say so your first step is to break through the noise, stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

To do this it helps to understand the context they are looking in…what else are they seeing or hearing? What else is drawing their attention away and how can you stand out?

This might mean ranking higher on Google. It might mean getting your ad noticed on Facebook or in a newspaper. It might mean being the subject of conversation.

Here are several points to consider:

  1. The easiest way to get attention is to go where they already have their attention – this is why we use celebrity endorsements or pay to get someone with a following to promote us to their following rather than trying to go after them indirectly
  2. Be different – our brains are filtering machines so we tend to place our attention on that which is different from our surroundings. Usually, this means being loud (not just in terms of sound but could be visual, flair, etc.) Not always though, it’s about contrast in a way that stands out (you can’t get drowned).
  3. Go where there’s less noise – distractions are going to kill marketing effectiveness so ideally find mediums of communication with less competition for audience attention

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So, what do you put in front of your audience?
Three really important considerations:

Make an offer as broad as applicable to your market/service offering

For example, if you offer roofing services don’t target based on shingles at this stage. Instead you might target more broadly based on home renovations or repairs.

You don’t want to go so broad it doesn’t speak to what you’re selling/offering but also want to be broad enough you catch the highest percentage of the audience seeing your marketing.

The reason for this is you’re paying for each impression and you will get the best ROI by maximizing the highest number of them.

Make sure you’re providing an offer

A big problem in a lot of marketing is not making an offer. An offer very simply is “give us x in trade for y”. This might be “come to our store to…” or “call us to…” or “enter your email address to..”

The important point is you’re asking for them to take an action, which makes them stand out from audience members who aren’t interested so you’re able to speak to them personally in the future.

An offer is not a slogan. “Just do it” might be a nice tag line but it’s a horrible lead generation offer.

An offer should answer the question “what am I giving you?” and “what am I asking in return?” the former being more important than the later.

For example, “free video – how to…” answers the question “what am I giving you?” It’s a free video.

Call now for your free video – how to…” answers the question “what am I asking in return?” it’s a call.

The “what am I asking in return?” might be implied by the context. For example on Facebook it might be a link on a link.

Choose an offer that fits your product/industry. It might be a free evaluation, quote, estimate, etc. It might be a piece of educational content. It might be some sort of free trial or experience.

Make sure it’s compelling

A compelling offer has two components and especially at the lead generation stage should include both.

  1. The first is high perceived value.
    Obviously, you want to reduce your costs in what you’re offering but the point is what you’re offering should be something your audience really wants. It’s meaningless to give away something they are indifferent about.
  2. The second is low perceived barrier
    For example, are you asking them to spend a day with you? This is likely too much for an initial ask. It’s easy to make a quick phone call, harder to make an in person visit. This means an in person visit is probably a more qualified lead but they’d also typically need to be further along in the buying process to take this step.

One of the easiest offers you can make is for them to click to read an article or something comparable. It’s fast, it’s accessible and as a result someone who isn’t in the immediate buying cycle will likely do it.

Putting these three components together you want to make a compelling broad but still relevant offer to your audience through whatever marketing communication/message you put out there.

Be sure this is congruent with the medium you’re communicating through both in terms of what you’re offering and what you’re requesting in return.

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The above is largely wasted if you don’t do something to capture the leads so you can follow-up with them. 
These are all people who have expressed interest through their actions with in you sell. 

On the flip side since you’ve gone really broad with your offer you’re going to get all kinds leads at different stages of the buying cycle and with different preferences and values.

The objective is now to communicate to them over and over to warm them up further and ultimately turn them into first customers then long term advocates.

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What's Next?

This is obviously the tip of the iceberg with plenty more to learn and apply but it's a great place to get started.

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