You MUST Do This To Get What You Want

At the start of this year I set a number of goals as I do at the start of every year.  They varied wildly from financial and business goals to health and fitness goals to travel goals and relationship goals.  One example was transforming my wardrobe.  The previous year had been an attempt on my part to really increase the quality of my dress and I’d made significant strides but I’d taken a course a few months before where I’d seen how much further I had to go when compared to people I admire in the area.  Being able to be and being consistently one of the best dressed people in a room appealed to me and does to this day.

I did several things, first, I created a benchmark against which to measure myself on this goal.  Second, I put together a series of strategies on how I would achieve it (not crazy specifics just broad generalities).  Third, I figured out the cost and resolved to pay it.  This last point is critical.

In life no matter what there is always a cost for everything we want.  The cost isn’t necessarily financial it could be emotional or reputational or relational or something else but there is always a cost.  You don’t always have to pay the cost asked, you can shop around for market inefficiencies or you can negotiate the costs lower and you should, but there will always be a cost.  Here’s the thing those who aren’t willing to pay the price will never get what they want.  More those who are willing to pay the highest price will have the easiest job and greatest flexibility in getting what they want.

Today I talked to someone who wasn’t willing to pay the price…they said they were but their actions spoke differently.  They complained about someone lecturing them prior to being willing to give them what they wanted.  When asked “is it reasonable that they do so?” they responded “no”.  Being lectured is a small price, it happened to be the price the person who could help was requiring, the person didn’t need to accept it but then at the end of the day (and it was an urgent matter) they didn’t get what they wanted.

In so many positivity and goal setting type workshops and programs the emphasis is placed on what you want, but what you want is only 5% of the total picture and no the other 95% isn’t why you want it, that’s a bunch of impractical non-sense, you can want something for its own sake.  The 95% is the process of getting there and the price to be paid.

One of my favorite quotes is from legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight “Everyone has got the will to win.  It’s only those with the will to prepare that do win.”  In basketball as in many things preparation is the price you have to pay for victory.  Wealth building is the same.

No one builds wealth overnight.  As Bill Walsh is fond of saying “most of those who try to get rich quick go broke fast”.  Committing yourself to the long term, not trying to drag it out, but being willing to put in the time it might take to achieve the result will drastically increase your chances of getting there.

Want to become rich?  There are certain things you’ve got to do.  One of them ironically is negotiating down the price of most of the things in your life because if you’re consistently putting out more than you’re getting back you’ll end up with less, which is the opposite of rich.

You’ve got to be willing to sell because no one makes any money until a sale is made.  That doesn’t mean you have to be willing to cold call or knock or doors but if you’re not willing to you’ve immediately got less resources available at your disposal than your competitors who don’t have those rules and reservations.  You’ve got to surround yourself with great people and get rid of those who drag you down (that later part is tough for a lot of people).  You’ve got to fight for, gain and maintain ownership.

There is a key distinction here though between the price paid and how things works.  For example, it can be very tempting either when things are going badly or when a big opportunity shows up to violate your ethical standards to make the money.  You need to be very careful at this crossroads because there is a price to violating your ethical standards and very often what might seem good today is disastrous in the long run and that’s part of the point.  Those who achieve the most take a long term view with short term ambitions trying to make a lot happen quickly but being willing to plan long term to get the best results and one of those is building brand, reputation, something that lasts.  The subject of the value of durability (it’s huge) is for another post but always consider it an asset.

If you’ve got a business or wealth building goal and you’ve resolved that you’re willing to pay the price but don’t know the strategies to get there contact us we’re happy to help, a community that will support you is one of the most important factors in making those tough decisions and accelerating success.  In the meantime from now on when goal setting determine what the cost of that goal will likely be and resolve in advance to pay it.

  • trading is the best type of business <3 🙂 awesome article! Thanks! <3 🙂

    • Trading isn’t intrinsically a business it’s an activity.

      What makes you like trading though vs alternatives?

      • no matter how small the transaction, there’s always a trade going on, whether that’s a emotional trade off for a few extra dollars, or pledging an allegiance for a few thousand dollars. The scale of the business can be extravagant, but every last minute detail is an example of a transaction between emotional and monetary value. Perfecting this is my current goal in life to improve businesses to my own ideal. You probably won’t find this important since you do business at a higher level than me, but at this point in my life, the concept of microtransaction and medium size transactions trades fascinates me <3 🙂

        • i’m trying to figure out efficiency so that my current company turns a profit and I start getting paid more. this is my first managerial role job and i’m trying to get promoted as the marketing director with eight people working under me in my department.

          • What does your company value in your role?

          • money 🙂 – i don’t care what my role is or what my profession is, all i care is that my company makes more money than they pay me, and i get a percentage of that <3 🙂

          • So long as they feel the same way that’s cool… Bring on the sales!

            Do you have a role to bring in business?

          • that’s what i’m selling my boss on. otherwise I have no role in the business. <3 🙂 i'm trying to get a good overall idea of my company's sales and upsell's flow and multiply it <3 🙂

          • i’m still a business noob

        • Great point, always an exchange… Unless it’s theft